Antivirus Issues

Antiviruses can be a blessing, but they can also be a curse--especially for small software developers. Because software created by small businesses is often uncommon on the majority of the world's computers, AV tools are generally much more suspicious of these files.

We assure you that none of the software developed by Kingmaker Software contains any malicious code and is entirely safe to run.

As you know, virus scanners work by analyzing software for specific actions and potential threats. Our software checks with a server when it’s loaded to see if it has to download any additional support files or updates, and this is likely why it’s being detected as malicious. This is known as a “generic downloader” signature and is a common problem for producing false positives. Or it could be the protection software used to (try to) protect our software from being cracked and shared. Even info security professionals experience issues with false positives, as you can see in this quick read.
Virus scanners are often a necessity in this day and age, but often times they tell you there’s something dangerous on your computer when there really isn’t. In this case, you are safe to run the software and we will work on getting this issue corrected with any Antivirus software providers we receive a ticket about.
Unfortunately this process can take a while and some antivirus companies are more cooperative than others, so in the meantime, to run the file simply add it to the ‘exceptions list’ in your AV scanner. Searching Google for "add exception in [your antivirus name]."

If you see an alert with your installed antivirus software, please take a moment to open a ticket to let us know, and we'll follow up with them to try and clear its name.